Tuesday, June 23, 2009

White Sangria

The ladies of Anarchy in a Jar know how to travel in style. On our way up the Hudson River to the strawberry fields we enjoyed a jar (yes a jar!) of Liv's famous White Sangria. A perfect Friday evening sipper and an encouraging summer drink. Come on summer!

White Sangria

In a large vessel mix:
Cut up (bite size) fruit--I like green apple, frozen peaches and/or mango but have also used oranges and lemons for a citrus fueled drink. Use your favorite fruit!
2 parts white wine (I use my leftover samples but Sauvignon Blanc works well especially well)
1 part Soda Water (or sprite or tonic---you get the idea)
A heavy pour of brandy (grand marnier is also awesome)
A splash of triple sec

Enjoy in your garden, on your fire escape or on the train. And of course, with your favorite jam.

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Christine M. Dionese L.Ac said...

Yep, you're making this upon arrival. Can't wait to see you this evening my culinary darling!