Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cherry Preserves

They're here. The new batch of Anarchy in a Jar cherry preserves.

Midnight Morello Preserves are made with low-spray Morello black sour cherries. These beauts are a gorgeous dark red color, with a jewel-toned ruby glow. Sweet cherry aroma finishes with a tart, crisp acidity in good balance. We have them in a loose, European style and a firmer, New World style set.

Amarelle Sour Cherries in Syrup (Amarene Sciroppate) are made with low-spray Montmorency amarelle red sour cherries. These are simply cherries preserved in syrup, with a tart finish and a natural almond aroma. Delicious mixed with water (to make the Persian drink, Sharbateh Albaloo), soda water or tonic, on ice cream or cake, and in cocktails.

Like most of our jams, the fruit is macerated overnight with lemon juice and sugar to allow the sugars to soak into the fruit. This produces a much better tasting jam. Our tasting notes describe the process, ingredients, and flavors of each jam.

Our jams, jellies and preserves are "vintage," made from fruit grown in a particular year and under those unique environmental conditions. Variations in character from year to year can include subtle differences in color, palate, nose, body and development.

All of our jams are made in small batches, making each jar unique.

Want Anarchy? Email to place your order. If you are in Brooklyn, we can deliver via our zero-emissions bike service "Traffic Jam", or you can pick up at our home or tasting parties.

Jam on.

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Anonymous said...

I'm READY! How long will it take Bluebell to deliver to San Diego? I am so ready for some ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb-ass jam, ladies! I can't wait for your traffic jam to spread nationwide! (Also, en homage to Rage Against the Machine, you might want to send Tom Morello (Rage guitarist) a sample. I hear he's a big fan of Anarchy, jarred or otherwise...)
Much Love,